SUMMER is ending :'(

Hello there!! Its been quite a while, sorry for the lack of stories on my part but I was on vacation and I didn’t have my laptop to update my posts. Now that I’m back, I will tell you all about my summer :D!! This will help me relive it and overcome my post-summer depression.

I think Jelle posted that the three little dots were not together this summer, unfortunatly we didn’t have time to plan a trip alltogether but don’t worry this is definitely on our to do list for the months to come.

Trip in the swiss mountains

Switzerland has so many different landscapes, mountains, lakes, rivers, and personally I don’t even know the half of my country. So I decided to go on a roadtrip with some friends to discover a part of Swiss that I have never been to.

Our first stop was Interlaken, a beautiful little town which is famous for its location near all these glacier, that I didn’t know of, shame on me for this! I was really feeling like a tourist in my own country!!! Then we went to see the Blausee (a must if you’re visiting the region) and ate a lot of typical food, well actually mostly Rösti, a sort of potato crepe so delicious that I think I gained 1 kilo or 2 because of it.

Then a friend of mine told me about this spot in Fribourg where only locals go (I didn’t remember the name, sorry) by a river. So we stopped there for a while and went swimming in the very cold river on Fribourg.

To end our trip, we thought it would be great to pass by Montreux while it was the Montreux Jazz Festival, and since all hotel’s were booked we decided to sleep in my car on a parking lot! What a GREAT ideaa… Hahaha. First, we were near the center so all the people passing in the streets could see us by the windows : all commenting about how tired we must have been for sleeping in a car like that, then at about 3 am, we were woken up by a mega lightning storm so scary that I wasn’t able to sleep until it stopped. You can imagine the night we spent hahaha.

Philippines, Boracay – my birthplace

I went back to Boracay for two weeks to spend some quality time with my family, since most of my cousins live there. When in Boracay I like to stay out of the crowd, meet some of my childhood friends and chill with my cousins. I also went to the island of Tablas for 3 days with a friend. The weather was rainy almost everyday so my tan didn’t improve much. Going back to the Philippines recharges me, I was born there and left for Swizterland at the age of 8. I usualy don’t travel much when I go back because I feel that I don’t have enough time to see my family, but I promised myself that in a few years I will stay in the Philippines for a few months.

France – côte d’azur and the city of Lyon

Cote d’azur was suppose to be our trip with the gang, but sadly Jelle coudn’t make it. As usual we left at midnight to avoid the traffic, a good solution but very tiring, we spend the next day mostly sleeping to recover from a sleepless night… Then each day we visited a different town, chilled on the beach, moslty ate sea food except for the guys who couldn’t live without meat.


Breakfast is my favorite meal

To celebrate our 8 year anniversary with BF, we went to Lyon, took an hotel 20 minutes away on the top of an hill with an amazing view of the city. Our plan was to relax ourselves and enjoy the pool and jacuzzi of the hotel. It was really a great experience and a perfect way to end summer by chilling and doing nothing.


The view from the hotel

I really enjoyed writing this post, it made me remember what I did and how greatful I am to have the possibility to travel and discover new places. Hope you like it as much as I did!!

Wish you all a great week 🙂




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