Street Food Festival in Switzerland

Hi Guys!

Summer is Crazy – as you can see, we are almost outside everyday and have each and everyday different activities so in short our SD cards are full of videos and photos.

So tonight, I will share something awesome..

Guess What? We do also have here Street Food Festival in Geneva Switzerland. You will have the opportunity to find your favorite food truck and enjoy DJ’s and live music around you. They usually organize the Street Food Festival here on the month of June (it really depends). – so whenever you plan to visit Geneva check immediately if  there’s the Street Food Festival. Highly recommended! Its super crowded specially at night and music is amazing!

But of course if you visit Switzerland, you have the opportunity to experience Street Food Festival in another canton of course!


You can check all information at the following link:


I told Grace and Claire, that they should try the amazing black burger of the Austrians, unfortunately they were not there this time. Meaning every year they have different food trucks which is actually cool cause you can try every year something different, right?

You will not believe what we found during that time while waiting for grace to arrive.. As you know we were former THE GOOD LIFE VLOGGERS in Youtube.

We found a coffee truck named THE GOOD LIFE. You have no idea how we reacted! Its ridiculous all these time we never knew that there is a coffee shop named like us.

We will definitley plan to visit their coffee shop in lausanne! Thats for sure!

We did not had the chance to taste the BBQ but it seems to be delicious as people were queuing for these and if you are a bagel freak, they were delicious too! We wish we could stay there all day and try all the food trucks!

Dessert Lover? Of course! They have everything there!! I have also seen mini cakes, churros – we will try to make more photos next year! I run out of battery since we also took some videos. We will share the street food vlog soon 🙂 Hopefully these week we have more time to edit. hihi!

And yes, if you guys are asking – NO claire has not given birth yet! We are all too excited aren’t we? That’s why the little one doesn’t want to come out yet.

Don’t worry guys! As soon as the little one is out we will let you know for sure!


So guys, I have to sleep now as I have to wake up very early tomorrow.

I wish you a nice week!



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