My last day at work has arrived!


So it was my last day at work last week, Friday 2nd of June. I sincerely apologies for the very late post, as I was very busy preparing my maternity bag and prepare all the stuffs for our baby.

I suppose to work only in the afternoon but since it was my last day (silly me!) – I came early to make sure that all my tasks will be handed over properly.

Lunch time has arrived, any my office mate asked me to have a “. solo” lunch with me, which is weird , She never went out for lunch with us neither with me alone but all of the sudden she asked me- I used to have lunch all the time with jelle buuuuut apparently jelle and one of our colleagues are going to eat somewhere, and she did not even asked me if I want to join –  since I started to work with her days were net passing by that we are no eating together.

Soooo….I was pretty sure that there is something. I definitely know  JELLE. Her behavior was toooooooo obvious!

Anyway, I was waiting for jelle to be done at work so we can arrive to my farewell apero on time since we booked the table around 7.30 pm.  So we went to the city and met my boyfriend to drop our Laptops so we do not carry it all night.

After that we felt very hot that we end up going to H&M and bought a new shirt –  right after our new yorker girl arrived and we walked together to the bar.

All of the sudden I really had bad cramps while walking, and of course the two were just stressed and so on…


OK lets go to the apero part…  We went to a beautiful bar bar called Brasserie des Halles de l’Ile: its central location, its incredible view over the Rhône River, its industrial architecture, the table in an old cable car, or the fact that it is big enough so you can almost always find a seat in this huge café-restaurant.


The tapas and wines at the Brasserie makes it famous for after work parties. Music and dance also liven up the evening and on Sunday afternoon, Salsa classes and parties are organized several times a week and DJs are regularly invited.

The best reason for me to go there is its Sunday brunch. The buffet is impressive. If you like sweet tastes you have a choice between croissants, cakes, pancakes, tartines, mousses, etc. If you prefer savory food, the buffet offers a variety of cold and hot dishes. I found that there is surprisingly little cheese, but who cares when a traditional cheese Raclette is offered around 14:00? It is highly recommended to make a reservation for the brunch.

Whoops, almost forgot to let you know what I was definitely right, INDEED My Team surprised me with a set of Clarins Creams for Mom’s and a little doudou bear for my little one..

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-06 at 11.44.15I wish you all a lovely weekend!



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