Cinque Terre

I fell in love with Cinque Terre this weekend. These 5 little towns on the edge of hills on the west cost of Italy were so charming that I am still high on their beauty.

Our journey begun at 7 am, we had to get early to la Spezia because parking space is hard to find. We bought a one day ticket and took the train directly to the last city from la Spezia ; Monterosso.

Monterosso has the best beach, the water is clear blue and the sand is grey. You can go on top of the hill where you have a good view of the ocean and surroundings. There we took a boat to get to the next town, Vernazza, It cost 6 Euro for a one way ride to the next town but you could also take it all the way to the last town.


In Vernazza we ate fried seafood in a cone, you can find that in every town in Cinque Terre. I also took a typical Brioche ice cream, it was good but the bun is very sweet so it’s best to choose a non-sweet flavor (I took dark chocolate and yogurt, yummy)!! After all this food we decided to do some exercise and went top of the hill were you have a great view of the city, there was a lot of stairs and it was quite physical but really worth the effort.

Then we hiked from Vernazza to the next city, Corniglia, it was a 1 hour and 45 minute walk, with ups and downs and gosh the view was really breath taking. I realize I write a lot about the views but I was really amazed by how beautiful it was. Be sure to bring a bottle of water for the hike, you can refill them for free in each town, they have public fountains everywhere.

Cornigilia is on top of a hill, and there are a lot of restaurants and shops. It was a cute town with its narrow streets. We wanted to hike until the next town but the paths from Cornigilia to Riomaggiore by the sea were closed and the only path available was a 2 hour hike in the mountain to each town. So we decided to take the train until the city closes to la Spezia: Riomaggiore, and finish our journey in Maranola the most beautiful town of all for me.

Watching the sunset in Maranola is amazing, the houses on the cliff changes colors into a more orangey one and there are spots where you can sunbath. The water was cool and perfect for our heavy feet, after all the visiting it was really a perfect way to end the day…

Map of Cinque Terre



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