Wednesday Cravings 

Wednesday, Last day of sunny day of the week.
After work, me and Jelle left early from the office and decided to go to her place, have dinner and walk outside. We are very motivatedto take pictures and tell you more about our everyday …

It took us hours to decide where to eat and what to eat. Atfirst we wanted to eat Burgers but in the end we went to Pasta Prima since I was craving for Tagliatelle Salmon Crème.

Voila! Cravings satisfied – It was so delicious! If you don’t want to eat Mc Donalds or any Fast Food try  out Pasta Prima! You have so many choices of pasta’s and pizza’s and guess what – you can even customize your own Pasta!!

Of course, Jelle was so hungry but still couldn’t finish her food at all. (Its usual, she is complaining that she is so starving but in theend she is not eating all) crazy right? You might be like her as well, I know people who has big hunger but eating small amounts…

We chilled a bit in the terrace since the weather was so nice (Not too hot and not Cold) and decided to have some Starbucks, are you a coffee lover liker us?

So yes, we went to Starbucks and took the chocolate brownie from Starbucks which is simply delicious!

We stayed in the Terrace and we did talk a lot, and realized yesterday that we actually know each other for almost 8 years! Time flies so fast!

Maybe you guys are wondering why me and Jelle are always together haha .. just so you know we work together in one Company that’s why. I started 6 months ago and will be in maternity leave for 4 months soon!

Anyway,  so yes after Starbucks we went to have a short walk going down to the old town and passed to the lake, since we will take our tram and bus from there. Of course before going home we passed to the beautiful Jet’deau and took pictures!

I wish we could do this every other day after work! It makes me feel more relaxed after a long day in the office.

PS: Oh my god! Can you believe it? I did my very first post here.I’m so proud!!!



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